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ORC Fall 2022 Update

October 5, 2022

It’s week 2 baby!!!! Let’s discuss what happened this week.

First things first, I removed the niche and it was in there GOOD! Huge nails but I got the boards and trim out. Next, I attached scrap wood inset 1/4 inch in so my drywall would have something to screw into.

I had a BRILLIANT idea to use wax paper to draw off the shape I needed and placed that directly on the drywall to cut the shape out. I accidentally cut it too short so I had to cut a second piece for the bottom. I did not want another seam but no big deal, nothing seam tape and drywall mud couldn’t fix. Some followers on Instagram suggested I cut more wall out to get to the edge of a stud, and maybe thats possible, but I have plaster walls and from what I understand you do not want to start ripping out plaster!

I taped my seams with net tape and mudded over them. After three coats, it looks so good! I’ll give it light sand and paint it, then call it done.

I went to Riemer Floors this week and looked at every single carpet sample they had, it was a lot. I narrowed down the choices primarily based on available widths. The room is wide and long, and I want the nightstands to sit on the rug so that helped me narrow it down. I’ll go back this week to make the final decision now that I have selected a wallpaper.

You read that right, I selected a wallpaper! There are thousands I considered, combing through websites and showrooms and narrowed it down to 15 or so. Then, I settled on my top 9, then my top 4. After much consideration, I chose none of them! Well, kinda. I actually chose the Clarabelle (stripe) on grasscloth but the designer of the pattern, Danika Herrick, is removing the cream background for me and altered the pattern so I do not have to double cut! Spoonflower has been amazing to work with and the designer of this pattern went above and beyond to make it perfect for me! I am so thankful! Danika is also custom color matching the reverse tulip pattern for my drapery. It has been a fun week 2!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your custom wallpaper go up on the walls!

  2. What a wonderful choice of wallpaper – Danika Herrick is very talented! I can’t wait to see how it looks on the walls.

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