The Southern Gail


Hi there! I'm Gail of The Southern Gail. Lover of all things home design. 

To be honest, it's taken me some time to figure out my style. Heck, each home needs to be heard and felt and any style needs to slightly shift to reflect the personality of the home. A beautiful, layered home takes time. 


From science major to MBA, to MHA, to New York City. It's been a wild ride. Happy with where I've landed. 

I majored in Microbiology with a minor in Chemistry and Economics (can you say nerd?) and graduated in the height of the recession in 2009. Although I got a few job offers, none of them seemed fulfilling and pursued my MBA. I fell in love with healthcare management and decided that would be my route. Turns out, you need experience. That led me to get my MHA and ultimately land a job in healthcare management in New York City. After a few years my husband's job took us to Arizona, I tried my hat at real estate and wedding planning to have a more flexible schedule. Our most recent move was to Michigan and I finally feel like I figured out what works for me and my family. I sell real estate and I spend a lot of time growing The Southern Gail. I hope to use this platform to inspire others, teach DIY skills, and provide a resource for all things home design and decor. 

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